Facebook – The Drug of the Internet

We all have our addictions whether it be coffee, cigarettes, chocolate milk, or even certain extra-fine people. Of course addiction can be either a positive or negative attribute, and when it comes to drugs nobody has ever said, “Wait, he smokes pot every day? Good for him, what determination. Keep up the good work, Jimmy boy.” Yet in this age of technology with social networking there IS a threat out there that has already taken the procrastinator’s world by storm, and it goes by the name of Facebook.

Now I wouldn’t say I’m necessarily addicted to watching the news feed change for hours and getting up-to-the-minute-status updates of people I barely know, but there’s something that draws an individual in. Not only from society’s standards, which if you don’t have a Facebook means you don’t have a life, but in a waste of time aspect as well. It is even easier with today’s smart phones that even have internet access built in.

Yes, I said before that I am not a Facebook “addict” per say, but when we were asked to not go on the site for a week the back of my mind was telling me I could not accomplish the feat.

Facebook logo

Facebook logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And it was right. I did go on Facebook a handful of times during the week, and am ashamed. I realized that it is just habit to check my phone on certain occasions such as waiting in line somewhere or when I’m by myself. Just like a cigarette, it is part of the routine.

I do have excuses, however. One class that I am enrolled in, Into the Writer’s Mind, used Facebook to communicate to the class what was happening in the days to come. I actually think it is a genius idea, since 99% of people now have a Facebook and I know that I go on there much more than I check my Rowan email. It is all about incorporating technology in the classroom, but that’s a story for another time. Since I have not viewed Facebook AS much, but continue to be a slave to it’s non-educational, brain-sucking tendencies. For now.


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