Teaching Hero

Vicki Davis, known to her students as the Wikinator, seems to do it all.  She is a Best Teacher blog winner, a co-founder of @flatclassroom, an author, and a mother.  I know your probably asking how I found out all this information.  Believe it or not it was all on her Twitter account.  The assignment for class was to follow people in our professions.  Davis was on a website for the top educators to follow on Twitter.  After reading some of her tweets it was clear as to why she was on that list.  Vicki Davis is an educator and most of the people she is following are educators as well. A lot of her tweets are geared directly towards education. She posts many enlightening links about teaching and most of her own tweets are inspirational quotes about being a teacher.  She once tweeted, “Teaching is like breathing for me, it gives me life.” So I tweeted at her and said, “That is why I can’t wait to be a teacher!”  I couldn’t believe that she replied to me and said, “just make it through the first few years. Those are tough- it gets better. :-)”  After she replied to me she followed me.  I was thrilled that she replied back to me because any feedback about being an educator is great feedback.   She also confirmed why I can’t wait to be a teacher.  I can’t wait to see that spark in a child’s eye after they understand something I’ve taught them.  Seeing them grow as individuals is something that I look forward too.  Davis knew that I wanted to be a teacher.   I feel that she follows people related to her profession and that is important to do especially on social media sites. The more people I follow in my profession the more advice and tips I will obtain.  After analyzing her followers and tweets it seems as though she is very dedicated to teaching and she loves what she does.  The world needs more teachers like her, that are dedicated to their job.   Although I don’t know her personally, just some of the positive things she says about being a teacher has me looking forward to attaining my goal of being an inspirational leader to children.  I plan on following her and others like her through my professional career.   Hopefully I will become a successful teacher,  just like Vicki Davis. super_20teacher